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Drawing Game

This is a drawing game i made with svelte and…


Quizzy is a quiz game for twitch streamers. A streamer…

BSFE – Blockstudio Field Editor

BSFE (Blockstudio Field Editor) is a JSON Editor for the…


Everything started with a jailbreaked Playstation 3

I got a jailbreaked Playstation 3 and wrote my own mods in C#. I wanted to understand code and learned a lot.

Started working in sales for a Mobile service provider.

This was my first apprenticeship, but I never wanted to work in sales. I mainly used my time at work to learn more about coding.

Started an apprenticeship in a web agency.

Ever since I wrote my first code, my biggest dream has always been to turn my hobby into a profession. Even if it’s a bit late for an apprenticeship – better late than never.

My Tech-Stack

Coding is my passion.

I love to develop complex applications or games from scratch that communicate with servers in the background. I find it fascinating what possibilities and tools there are, and I still have some big projects planned.

Writing code is like meditation for me, I love to realize my creative ideas and get a finished product in the end.

A desk with a computer and monitor to visualize the setup of fionn

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